Project Details

T. Gargour & Fils was considering the setup of a customer care centre and needed to understand the latter’s role in the broader customer care strategy in order to be a benchmark.

How Did We Help

To identify improvement areas and opportunities that can be integrated within the customer care centre in the customer care plan, Brandcell undertook a qualitative research to look at the current customer experience in both the sale and service journeys.  Then a two-day hothouse was organized with different members of the  executive and managerial team to design the new customer journey and devise the new role of the call center in the experience.

Project Output:
Having identified critical service failures, Brandcell redesigned the customer journey integrating new functions & digital tools.
Brandcell then designed & trained a call-center function that is integral to customer service.

Project Outcome:
-Customer satisfaction increased by more than 10%
-Problem turnaround time dropped substantially